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YOPN Podcast

Want to stay connected to the YOPN community? Check out YOPN's podcast series: Living Well Starts Here.SM

Living Well Starts Here is now a Video Podcast, or Vodcast! Join, from the realm of social media infamy, our co-hosts Melissa Livingston, Jeremy Likness, Esther Labib-Kiyrash and Chris Sutphin for a frank discussion on the topics that can affect People with Young Onset Parkinson’s most. 

These sessions are unscripted and conversation topics can go in unexpected directions, but it’s always a good time. This is one vodcast you won’t want to miss as we continue to learn about YOPD, each other, and life in-between.

YOPN's Living Well Starts Here  podcast is one you won't want to miss. Look for the YOPN Emblem and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Miss one? Don't worry, you can find archives of podcasts here.

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