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YOPN Podcast

Want to stay connected to the YOPN community? Check out YOPN's bi-weekly podcast series: Living Well Starts Here.SM

YOPN's Podcast Series will air LIVE at 6:00 PM EDT on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month

Michael Quaglia and friends interview a variety of guests on topics relevant to the Young Onset Parkinson's community. Mike's co-hosts include Mike Achin, Heather Kennedy and others.  Mike was diagnosed in 2006 at 42 with YOPD and has co-hosted the "Two Mike's Parkinson's Podcast" since 2016.  Over those years he has interviewed hundreds of well known people in the Parkinson's community such as: Maryum Ali, Jimmy Choi, Brian Grant, Bill Rasmussen (ESPN founder) as well as Michael Okun and Ray Dorsey (authors of Ending Parkinson's). Unlike most interviews, these discussions are unrehearsed and off the cuff. Mike has a special gift at putting his guests at ease in an open forum that at times goes in unexpected directions making for a very entertaining show. YOPN is excited to add Mike and friends to our family! 

YOPN's Living Well Starts Here  podcast is one you won't want to miss. Look for the YOPN Emblem and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Miss one? Don't worry, you can find archives of podcasts here.

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