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How we can help you... and help your patients

We get it. Because we've got it.

We understand that giving a Young Onset Parkinson's Disease diagnosis is one of the harder parts of your job.​​ Your patient is devastated by the news and yet you have to keep to your schedule and get to the next appointment. ​

That’s where YOPN can help. 

We are the go-to resource for your patients with Young Onset Parkison’s Disease (YOPD).

Next time you have a YOPD patient, direct them to YOPN and be confident that they will find the resources and community they need to deal with this unwelcome news.​

At YOPN, we know that a Parkinson’s diagnosis before the age of 50 creates substantially different career, family and lifestyle issues – from planning for your financial future to relationships and raising children. And there are medical differences as well, including longer term use and higher doses of medication as well as handling and responding to therapy.

3 Simple Steps:

1.  Add us to your process for newly diagnosed YOPD patients. See Sample EMR Language.

2.   Refer your YOPD patients to YOPN as a resource. Request Referral Cards.

3.    Join our practitioners list to receive bi-annual updates from YOPN. (We promise, no more than two emails annually.)

We Are the first stop for
all things YOPD

We help YOPD patients and their care partners:

    • Overcome the fear of the unknown and envision a future where they can live well
    • Connect with other young onset patients in a safe, supportive community
    • Learn from education programs specifically tailored to the YOPD community
    • Access YOPD resources that promote well-being and mental health
    • Learn to thrive far beyond their diagnosis

YOPN is a 501(c)3 that offers FREE membership to those with YOPD and their care partners.  Let us help support your patients as part of your community education and outreach efforts.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Template Language

We know there are many different EMR systems.  And we've heard from many practitioners, that it would be helpful to have specific language to use when building their own EMR templates in the system for YOPD. So we're providing a few options below to make it easy for you to include YOPN in your Visit Summary notes and the Plan of Care statements you print for your patients.

Optional Language for EMRs:

For additional resources and support for Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (YOPD) visit www. The Young Onset Parkinson's Network is a helpful resource for those with YOPD and offers education programs, resources and community support.

See www. for additional resources and support. The Young Onset Parkinson's Network (YOPN) offers connections to  education programs, resources and support specifically designed for those with YOPD.

Young Onset Parkinson's Network (YOPN) offers access to education, resources and community support for those diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (YOPD). It is free to those with YOPD and their loved ones. Go to to learn mor

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Order Patient Information Cards For Your Practice

YOPN wants to make it easy for your practice to share information about our community. Simply complete this information card request and we'll send you materials to share with your YOPD patients or display in your office.

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